My near philosophical musings about the world in general its problems and possible ways out.


The fertility tragedy

Since times immemorial young men do what young men are genetically programmed to do – they go to war. This universal truth finds its proof since uncounted generations, unless they are distracted by women or tied down by job to the more prosaic earthy world.

Angry young men, there are plenty of them currently in the Arab world, kept separate from the sedating effects of the complementing gender, unemployed and of course futureless.  They form an explosive potential for conflicts, welcomed as cannon fodder likewise by authoritarian potentates, radical insurgents.

This situation is all but new. Often following prospering ages, when population has grown, resulting in that fatal young male surplus, major deadly conflicts arose and raged until its fuelling sources had been dried up. These views are nearly too cynical to be written down. But even worse, they truly reflect reality, experiments on humans, performed by history, which means by us as a collective whole. Are those unavoidable, inevitable cathartic cataclysms? Will we face a similar backlash to modernisation attempts like the game changing catastrophe of the thirty-years-war, which between 1618–1648 (well, 30 years), exterminated about half of the population in its core war zone, vast stretches of Germany?

Will, what, in a total misconception of the recent uprisings in the Arab world, was euphemistically called Arab Spring, directly lead into one of the most destructive conflicts of the near and middle east, like the thirty year war was for European history? In its beginning the hopes were high. Even the word democracy was spread. Nowadays even the ages of the old dictators, many of them influenced by western leftist ideas, appear as the golden ages. They indeed led to a much higher standard of living, gender equality, non-religious schools and more non-traditional achievements – than ever before or after.

Well, sadly it looks like. The worst yet has to come for this huge, traditionally war torn, region. Sure, it has been devastated by foreign policy of European powers and later the US for centuries. But the veil, covering their awakening monsters, is just beginning to be lifted. Powerfully crammed with petro money, of irresistible irrationality and inconceivably cruel they are going to steamroll over the region, leaving nothing than devastation. And those will be genuinely native monsters.